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Precision Fit
Comfortable, Naturel, Flexible
Variety of tooth types;
IPN, Porcelain, Regular

If you are in need of dentures in Chicago, IL, J.S.B. Dental Lab is here for you. Our professionals have extensive experience and are ready to help. You deserve a denture lab that you can trust on behalf of your patients. Whether they are looking to replace their current pair of dentures or needs assistance with getting dentures for the first time, J.S.B. Dental Lab has the experience you need.

Our highly trained design team employs the most advanced manufacturing techniques available. Your patient will receive the best fitting dentures on the market. Not only are our dentures reliable as far as build quality, and fitting, but the verisimilitude we put into our products is unrivaled.Your patients will love their smile after receiving new dentures from J.S.B. Dental Lab.

We understand that many people are unhappy with the current fit of their dentures. We can improve the fit of your patient’s old dentures so they function perfectly. Better fitting dentures gives them the comfort and stability that they need. We can rehabilitate your dentures if they become worn or cracked. Whatever your needs are, J.S.B. Dental Lab is ready to fix your patient’s denture problems.

At J.S.B. Dental Lab, we understand how important great fitting dentures are to your patients. Everything from eating to smiling can be difficult if your dentures are not fitted properly.

Count on JS.B. Dental Lab to provide you with custom-fitted dentures. The quality of our work is unmatched in our area!

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